Frequently Asked Questions

SlideshowGo takes your uploaded photos and creates a video slideshow of them. Our Video Slideshow Gallery has some examples for you to check out.
SlideshowGo allows photo uploads (such as .jpg and .png) and each photo must be 20MB or less in size. Uploading of video clips (such as .mp4) is not supported.
Uploading of video clips (such as .mp4) is not supported.
Premium slideshows can add background music to their slideshow. Our library is mostly instrumental, but covers a wide variety of occasions such as funerals, birthdays, anniversaries, and others. Alternatively, you can search for an even wider variety of music on Pixabay Music. Simply download the music you'd like to add to your slideshow and upload it to SlideshowGo.
Premium slideshows can upload music to their slideshow. Music files must be of type .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, or .opus and 20MB or less in size. We cannot connect to 3rd party music services to add your music to your slideshow. You must be able to download your music file to your device (laptop, phone, or tablet), and then upload the music file to SlideshowGo. You must own the rights, title, and interest to any music you upload.
One premium credit allows up to 150 photos to be added to a slideshow (up to a maximum of 600 photos in a single slideshow with the purchase of 4 premium credits). You can mix and match your premium credits across multiple slideshows too. For example, 4 premium credits could be used to create 1 slideshow with up to 600 photos, or 2 slideshows with up to 300 photos each, or 4 slideshows with up to 150 photos each, etc.

Premium credits also allow you to add music to your slideshow (instrumental from our library or upload your own), change the length of time photos display, add unlimited stickers to your photos, enable fancy transitions, render with the highest quality video, and more. A complete list of premium features and details can be found on our Pricing Page.
No. You can make your edits and resubmit your slideshow for video processing without paying again.
Please reach out to us anytime using our Contact Page. We normally respond within 24 hours.